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GREENSBORO, N.C. – The UNCG athletic department has announced its updated strategic plan, THE SPARTAN WAY: 2017-22, a comprehensive vision that maps out the next five years for the department in concert with the University’s GIANT STEPS strategic plan announced last week. The plan contains the department's core purpose, guiding principles and strategic priorities moving forward for UNCG Athletics from 2017-2022.

"We recognize the meaningful part athletics play in both the strategic development of our university and in creating a vibrant UNCG experience for our students, our alumni, our colleagues and our community,” Chancellor Franklin Gilliam said. “Our goal is and always has been to compete for championships on the field while ensuring our student-athletes’ success off the field, not only while they are here, but also after they’ve moved on from UNCG. In doing so, we will create excitement around the university, a deeper connection to our community and a sense of pride for all of our stakeholders. The updated UNCG Athletics Strategic Plan is the right road map for us moving forward, and it will help us achieve both our athletic and university goals.”

The core purpose of the UNCG athletic department has been and will continue to be operating THE SPARTAN WAY to discover and develop champions in life. This plan sets a course for the department to achieve its envisioned future being a nationally-recognized athletics program continuously competing for championships.

“This planning process gave us an opportunity to connect with our stakeholders and imagine our future together,” Director of Athletics Kim Record said. “We identified six strategic priorities to focus on: student-athlete well-being, athletic facilities, branding & engagement, resources, basketball and culture & community.”

The athletics department will operate with six guiding principles as the foundation for daily decisions (STRIDE).

Student-Athlete Well-Being - We are dedicated to the holistic development of our student-athletes and are committed stewards of their health, safety and personal growth.

Teamwork - We are inclusive, collaborative and respectful of individual differences.

Responsibility - We are accountable stewards of the resources we manage, the reputation of the University, and the aspirations of the student-athletes and staff we serve.

Integrity - We play by the rules and operate with the highest standards of character and personal behavior.

Development - We transform lives and the community we serve by developing leaders and productive citizens.

Excellence - We pursue excellence in all that we do.

The strategic planning committee, comprised of more than 100 faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, developed a plan with over 200 action steps to be executed over the next five years. Wade Maki, a lecturer in the philosophy department, was the strategic planning steering committee chair.

“A large group of student-athletes, community members, trustees, staff, faculty and other stakeholders were involved in helping clarify the role of athletics, how athletics fits at UNCG and help make strategic recommendations for the benefit of our students” Maki said. “During this process, I discovered how interconnected our student-athletes are to the campus and broader communities through public service, global cultural ambassadorships and as role models of intellectual and physical excellence.”

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