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Ticket Pricing

Southern Conference Spectator Code of Conduct

The Southern Conference and its member institutions are committed to principles of good sportsmanship.  We believe that all student-athletes, coaches and spectators should strive to represent the very best spirit and tradition of college athletics.  We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner at all times.  The use of artificial noisemakers is strictly prohibited.  Those in attendance should report any act that goes against this policy to game management or security personnel immediately.  

Complimentary and Consignment Ticket Information

Non-Conference Opponents
For all complimentary and consignment tickets, please refer to the agreement reached between UNCG Athletics and your institution. Should you have any further questions, please contact Michael Ehmke, Ticket Operations Manager, at 336-334-3250 or at maehmke@uncg.edu. 

Southern Conference Opponents

Per the Southern Conference tickets policy, UNCG will provide 50 complimentary tickets for the visiting institution located immediately behind the visiting team bench.

Upon arrival to the Coliseum, please deliver your team’s Player/Pass list, as well as any ticket envelopes to the Coliseum Box Office, located on the 2nd floor in the Coliseum Plaza (Area #3a).  

Player Pass List & Guest Ticket Pick-Up

Player/Pass tickets will be distributed at the Player/Pass Gate located at the Coliseum’s main entrance in the Plaza (Area #3a).  The Player/Pass Gate will open 75 minutes prior to game time and close at halftime.

In order to receive tickets, guests listed on the Player/Pass List must provide a valid photo ID and sign the pass list.  Each individual guest must pick up their respective ticket.  Bundles of tickets will not be distributed.  Once a guest has signed for and picked up their ticket, they must immediately enter the arena.

Any non-player guest tickets (those that do not require a signature) will be available for pick up at the Coliseum Will Call Window, located at the Coliseum’s main entrance (Area #3a).  A valid photo ID is required for ticket pick-up.