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UNCG Volleyball Senior Spotlight: Morgan Freeman 07-23-2013

GREENSBORO, N.C. – As the 2013 UNCG volleyball campaign draws near, read what the most experienced members of the team are thinking as they enter their senior seasons. First up is Spartan middle hitter Morgan Freeman.

How does it feel finally arriving to your senior season?  
It feels like an exciting dream. When you start your career you always look forward to how your senior year will be, but now that my last year is finally here, I don't fully believe it yet!

As a senior, what does the term leadership mean to you?
Junior year was the first real taste of it, but as a senior, it means so much more because our class is larger than last year and we are the most experienced on our team. We have no choice BUT to be the best example possible and show the rest of our teammates we can lead them to a championship.

What advice can you give to the youngest members of the squad as they begin their collegiate journey?
Do not take it for granted. With possible injuries and just how fast the four years go by, you have to enjoy the time you're given because eventually it will end.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Winning a Southern Conference championship because I 100% believe this is our year.

Talk about one or two of your favorite memories as a member of the UNCG volleyball team.
My favorite has to be when Coach stopped at Bruster's ice cream after we lost a road game and we were in the back of the bus like, "He's seriously going to eat ice cream in front of our faces and rub it in that we lost so we don't get any," and then he looks at us and says, "so are you guys going to get off the bus or what?" and we all FREAKED out with happiness!

Have you thought about what's next after your college career is finished?
I spent my summer in Los Angeles, so possibly going back there and starting something in the music/entertainment business or using my connections I made to find a job on the east coast. 

In three words, how would you describe UNCG Volleyball?
Athletic, hilarious and beautiful of course!

UNCG Volleyball gets tremendous support from fans and spirit groups. What has that meant to the team over the years?
Last year was my second year at UNCG and my favorite year by far. The fans were SO loyal and supported us at our games, around campus and on social media, win or lose. I'm absolutely obsessed with our fans, including our own sports teams who come out and get everyone in the crowd involved. It has just been awesome and I hope this year and years to come will continue to be just as rowdy and just as awesome.

What will you miss most about being a member of the program?
My teammates. We dance, sing, fight, argue, bicker, laugh, cry and everything else you can think of together and even if at times we get on each others' nerves, we all love each other. I am really going to miss being around them the most.



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