Senior Lauren Lover­­ will graduate this season and will be honored on Senior Night against Elon (Oct. 30).
Senior Lauren Lover­­ will graduate this season and will be honored on Senior Night against Elon (Oct. 30).
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Women’s Soccer Senior Spotlight; Lauren Lover 10-27-2013

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Senior Lauren Lover­­ will graduate this season and will be honored on Senior Night against Elon (Oct. 30). Recently she spoke to about her experience as a Spartan.    

Being a local player, what attracted you to UNCG? The main thing that attracted me to play at UNCG was the family atmosphere that the soccer team had. Team chemistry meant a lot to me when I was thinking about playing so once I got the chance to meet the girls and see how team interacted, it was clear that this was a group of girls I wanted to be apart of. The culture of our program was another thing I was very proud of when I made my decision. Being a local player, I was familiar with the UNCG soccer team and they were always known for their hard work, which is something that I think is very important. It has been all the hard work that the players have put in to get the results that have made the program so successful. 

What has been your favorite memory since being a part of the team? My favorite memories with the team have been all the road trips we have taken. It is great to get to spend time with your team without other distractions because we always have such fun times together. I have also loved the places we have gotten to travel to. Over my four years I’ve had the opportunity to go to California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Hawaii and many more places that I had never been to before. 

Who were your Role Models growing up? My parents have always been my role models because they are all-around great people. They are the best mentors when it comes to working hard and pushing me to be the best person I can be. I consider myself to have one of the best mothers ever because she has always been there for me when times got rough. Also, my dad played football at West Point so I am always able to go to him for advice when it came to playing college athletics. 

How long have you played soccer? Did you play any other sports?  I have played soccer since the time I was able to kick a ball. I’m not sure what initially attracted me to soccer at such a young age but I was so in love with the sport that I had no desire to play anything else. I will say the first part of my career definitely wasn’t pretty. I give my parents a lot of credit for claiming me as their daughter in youth soccer because I was so terribly uncoordinated.

How do you balance athletics and studies being a full time athlete? It is really hard balancing a Biology major and Spanish minor work along with putting in the time required for soccer. I always try to stay a week ahead of all my work because it is really easy to fall behind. I also write down everything I need to do in my planner because with all of the demands placed on us, you can easily forget about assignments that are due.

If you could give a piece of advice to a teammate about succeeding in college soccer what would you say? I would say tell them to work hard every day and enjoy the experience. There are many players out there who stunt their ability to become a better player because they have a sense of entitlement. You should always ask yourself what you can do better and never take anything for-granted. Out of all of the youth soccer players in the country, only a select few get the opportunity to play division I college athletics. The life of a college athlete is an extremely demanding one but it is an extremely fruitful experience in terms of personal growth. 

If you could start your college career over again what would you change and why? I can’t say I would change much about my time at UNCG because I was always so grateful for the experience and for the amazing people I got to know. The only thing I would change is to not stress so much about the little things and take the time to enjoy what I was doing in the moment. Hindsight is always 20/20 and you always gain the greatest appreciation for what you had once it is coming to an end and I will definitely miss my time being a college athlete for UNCG. 

What are your career aspirations after college? First off, I plan to go skydiving once season is over because my dad told me I wasn’t allowed to go until I was done playing soccer since he didn’t want me to get injured in the process and not be able to play. Once I check skydiving off my list, I plan to apply for P.A . school or nursing school. I have always had a passion for the medical field so I just look forward to whatever opportunity that presents itself so that I can be involved in medicine. 


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