GREENSBORO, N.C. – Members of the UNCG softball team participated in community service with Greensboro Urban Ministries helping serve food at the “Feast of Caring” event in late November.  

The student-athletes served as greeters and also served soup to those who attended. Carl, the man in the picture was another server during the event.  The girls got to work with him and hear some great stories from a World War II veteran.

In response to the growing needs of the poor in the inner city, Greensboro Urban Ministry (then Greensboro Inner City Ministry) was founded in 1967 by representatives of several downtown congregations to provide emergency financial assistance.  By 1981, support for the Ministry had grown to ninety congregations, allowing for the opening of Pathways Center to provide temporary shelter to the homeless families.  The next year both Weaver House Singles Shelter and Potter’s House Community Kitchen opened, followed by Project Independence in 1984.  This would lead to the building of transitional housing complex Partnership Village in 1999.  Recognizing the cost and social benefits of rapid re-housing, the board of Greensboro Urban Ministry approved the implementation of Beyond Pathways, now Beyond GUM, in 2008 for the purposes of diversion and rapid re-housing.

Throughout its forty-five year history, Greensboro Urban Ministry has worked with the community to meet the needs of our most vulnerable and oft-forgotten citizens.  Today, Urban Ministry continues its mission to express the love of God to people in need through practical action in the Greater Greensboro area by offering emergency financial assistance, food assistance, emergency and transitional shelter, and rapid re-housing.

The link to the general information about the Feast of Caring: http://greensborourbanministry.org/events/feast-of-caring/

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