GREENSBORO, N.C. – UNCG Director of Athletics Kim Record has been named one of the 40 representatives in the newly formed NCAA Division I Council. The NCAA Division I Council was announced by the NCAA Division I Board of Directors this week and replaces the current Legislative and Leadership councils, and 60 percent of the new Council members must be athletics directors. Any rules adopted by the Council will be subject to a review by the board.

“It is an honor to be selected to the newly formed NCAA Division I Council,” Record said.  “I accept the responsibility of representing the Southern Conference and being a voice for our student-athletes and coaches.”

Record will serve on the Council as one of 32 designated conference representatives and the lone selection from the Southern Conference. She represents the SoCon interests and will provide a voice for the league on the Council. As the key athletic department practitioners on campus, athletic directors have primary responsibility for intercollegiate athletics programs, and therefore make up the majority of the Council membership.

The Division I Council will have day-to-day oversight of divisional operations and issues and will report to the new Board of Directors, which will serve as the overall governing body for Division I. Under the newly designed Division I governance structure, the Council will consist of 40 members and is designed to include the voices of commissioners, athletic directors, senior woman administrators, faculty athletics representatives as well as other campus and conference administrators. It also includes, for the first time at the council level, student-athlete votes. Terms for the Council members will be staggered and are still being finalized. At its first meeting in January 2015, the Council will elect an athletic director to chair the group. That person will also serve on the board.