Spartan Pride Season Ticket Holder Referral Program

"Our team is coming off an historic year on the court. It’s our turn as fans to have an historic year to support them!” Jeff Collins, season ticket holder - UNCG Class of 1984.

We need YOU, our season ticket holders to participate in the Spartan Pride Season Ticket Referral Program and help us reach our goal of 1,000 season tickets for the first time in history! If each current season ticket holder can generate just one more ticket we will reach 1,000!

We are offering a special, one-time introductory price of $99 (lower level seat) for referrals from season ticket holders.

For each additional season ticket purchased, the referring season ticket holder will receive $10 cash back. (2 new season tickets= $20, 4 new season tickets= $40, 9 new season tickets= $90) If a season ticket holder is responsible for referring 10 new season tickets, that season ticket holder receives one of their season tickets for free (responsible for 20 new season tickets they receive two season tickets for free and so on)

Example- Spiro has one season ticket at $129. Spiro secures three friends to each purchase a season ticket (at $99 referral rate). Spiro brought in three new season tickets so he receives $30 cash back. 

How it works:

  • Current season ticket holder encourages a friend, family member, etc. to purchase season tickets
  • Friend, family member, etc. calls UNCG Ticket Office at 336-334-3250
  • Tells the ticket office the name of the season ticket holder who referred them
  • New purchaser receives $99 introductory rate for a lower level season ticket
  • Season ticket holder who referred the new purchaser receives $10 cash back per new season ticket purchased 


  • Not valid with any other offer
  • To be eligible for the cash back, a referral must purchase a season ticket and inform the ticket office who referred them
  • Cash back will be issued to season ticket holders by December 31, 2017


New Season Tickets Cash Back
1 $10
2 $20
3 $30
4 $40
5 $50
6 $60
7 $70
8 $80
9 $90
10 1 Free Season Ticket (Up to $159 level)
11 $10
12 $20
13 $30
14 $40
15 $50
16 $60
17 $70
18 $80
19 $90
20 2 Free Season Tickets (Up to $159 level