True Spartan Alumni Challenge
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Team Standings

UPDATE: Women's soccer won the competition on the women's side, coming in with a program-best 53 new donors. The women's soccer program won the women's compeition by 26 donars over second-place women's tennis. 

On the men's side, men's soccer came from behind to win with 42 donors. Men's soccer edged out men's golf by only five donors (37). 

For the fourth year in a row, 100 percent of all current UNCG student-athletes made a gift to their team's enrichment fund as part of the True Spartan Challenge. UNCG is among a small number of schools across the country that have accomplished this level of dedication to their programs, and Spartan student-athletes have made a bold statement about their commitment to UNCG Athletics.

The Spartan Club is now asking all of our athletic alumni to make this same level of commitment and show their support of UNCG Athletics in our True Spartan Challenge: Alumni Edition.

This new Challenge rallies all former student-athletes to make a donation back to their team. At the end of the Challenge, the men's team and the women's team with the highest number of athletic alumni donors to their sport enrichment fund will each receive $5,000 for their operating budget for 2017-18. 

All gifts will be made through the individual sport enrichment fund. Gifts to enrichment funds are split with 80% going directly to the sport for the coaching staff to use for program enhancements, and 20% going to the Athletic Scholarship Fund, which helps fund scholarships for all teams. Make a gift today and help your team earn $5,000. Giving pages for each team are listed above.

The True Spartan Challenge: Alumni Edition runs for four weeks from Thursday, June 1st to Thursday, June 29th. If you have any questions, please contact the Spartan Club at 336-334-5156.