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GREENSBORO, N.C. – UNCG had 111 student-athletes on the 2013-14 Southern Conference Academic Honor Roll, which recognizes a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The Spartans also had 49 student-athletes earn Commissioner’s Medal accolades, which marks GPA of 3.50 or higher.

Women’s soccer led the way with 17 student-athletes on the list, while women’s cross country/track had 15 honorees. All 17 sports sponsored by UNCG were represented on the honor roll with men’s soccer (13), men’s cross country/track (11), volleyball (9), softball (9), baseball (8), men’s tennis (7), women’s tennis (6), women’s basketball (5), men’s golf (5), women’s golf (4) and men’s basketball (2).

Men’s soccer senior Preston Ford (Jamestown, N.C./High Point Christian) was one of 49 recipients of the Commissioner’s Medal and the only student-athlete with a perfect 4.0 GPA in 2013-14.

The Southern Conference had 1,915 student-athletes from the 11 member institutions earning the distinction on the Academic Honor Roll. Of the nearly 2,000 student-athletes on the list, 873 earned the Commissioner’s Medal, awarded annually to student-athletes who attain a GPA of 3.5 or higher throughout the year. Of those, 81 had perfect 4.0 GPAs, with Chattanooga boasting a SoCon-high 17 with perfect marks for the year.

The academic honor roll originated in 1988-89, when SoCon athletic directors established the award as a way to recognize the league's outstanding student-athletes. The academic honor roll consists of student-athletes who participated in varsity sports at member institutions and posted a 3.0 grade point average or higher while passing at least 24 hours in two semesters of classes or its equivalent for other academic calendars.

Adam Anderson Baseball So. 3.17 Busines Administration
Nicholas Chapman Baseball Jr. 3.77 Kinesiology
Ryan Clark Baseball So. 3.70 International Business
Tyler Frazier Baseball Jr. 3.41 Psychology
Lee Gilliam Baseball Jr. 3.27 Philosophy
Richard Guile Baseball Jr. 3.48 Mathematics
Sean Guite Baseball Sr. 3.01 Psychology
Dylan Hathcock Baseball Sr. 3.30 Accounting
Jordy Kuiper Men's Basketball Fr. 3.44 Sociology
Tyler McNeely Men's Basketball Sr. 3.01 Sociology
Tyron Alston Men's Cross Country Sr. 3.82 Busines Administration
Dylan Belles Men's Cross Country Jr. 3.57 Kinesiology
Max Bergstrom Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.77 Kinesiology
Max Chandler Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.46 Accounting
Joshua Crawford Men's Cross Country So. 3.09 Kinesiology
David Guthrie Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.84 Kinesiology
Jonathan Hodge Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.02 Kinesiology
Patrick O'Grady Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.52 Biology
Andrew Ramsey Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.75 Undecided
Dakarai Shipp Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.51 Kinesiology
Eric Williams Men's Cross Country Jr. 3.51 History
Roy Dixon Men's Golf Jr. 3.96 Finance
Alex Ehlert Men's Golf Jr. 3.70 Kinesiology
Luke Haithcock Men's Golf So. 3.13 Finance
Carter Jenkins Men's Golf Fr. 3.25 Busines Administration
Will Thomas Men's Golf R-Fr. 3.26 Finance
Hugo Coicaud Men's Soccer Fr. 3.36 International Business
Corey Croegaert Men's Soccer So. 3.91 Busines Administration
Nicholas Day Men's Soccer Fr. 3.69 Kinesiology
Noah DeAngelo Men's Soccer So. 3.97 Biology
Andrew Dilley Men's Soccer R-Fr. 3.14 Busines Administration
Jake Fields Men's Soccer Sr. 3.47 Kinesiology
Preston Ford Men's Soccer Sr. 4.00 Chemistry
Dustin Gamradt Men's Soccer So. 3.90 Kinesiology
Brian Graham Men's Soccer Sr. 3.70 Fitness Leadership
Davis Griffin Men's Soccer Jr. 3.56 English
Oddur Gudmundsson Men's Soccer Sr. 3.88 Psychology
Evan Rees Men's Soccer Jr. 3.55 Biology
Rouven Wahlfeldt Men's Soccer Fr. 3.64 Busines Administration
William Albright Men's Tennis So. 3.70 Political Science
James Dougherty Men's Tennis So. 3.32 International Business
James Flynn Men's Tennis So. 3.37 Political Science
James Gray Men's Tennis Fr. 3.34 Finance
Daniel Mack Men's Tennis So. 3.42 Physical Therapy & Pharmacy
Ahmet Sarioglu Men's Tennis Sr. 3.33 Entrepreneurship
Cameron Smith Men's Tennis Jr. 3.11 Busines Administration
Whitney Coleman Women's Basketball Fr. 3.40 Public Health
Jessica Collins Women's Basketball Jr. 3.07 Psychology
Lucy Mason Women's Basketball So. 3.52 African American Studies
Janae Stevenson Women's Basketball Sr. 3.38 Busines Administration
Bailey Williams Women's Basketball Fr. 3.12 Sociology
Katlyn Adkins Women's Cross Country So. 3.15 Economics
Katlyn Ayers Women's Cross Country So. 3.58 Sociology
Shannon Hall Women's Cross Country Sr. 3.86 Media Studies
Meredith Hicks Women's Cross Country So. 3.10 Nutrition
Eira Jensen Women's Cross Country So. 3.93 Psychology
Katherine Link Women's Cross Country So. 3.54 International Business
Kate Miller Women's Cross Country Fr. 3.03 Recreation and Parks Management
Kelly Montague Women's Cross Country Sr. 3.60 Kinesiology
Lydia Saina Women's Cross Country So. 3.34 Public Health
Chelsea Sumney Women's Cross Country Sr. 3.79 Speech Pathology
Shaina Sumney Women's Cross Country Sr. 3.75 Speech Pathology
Haley Wenos Women's Cross Country So. 3.08 Recreation and Parks Management
Meaisha Bullock Women's Track & Field So. 3.14 Accounting
Alexis Gardner Women's Track & Field So. 3.16 Psychology
Tiana Green Women's Track & Field Fr. 3.11 Nutrition
Berglind Bjornsdottir Women's Golf Jr. 3.55 Chemistry
Sammie Buchanan Women's Golf So. 3.22 Psychology
Kristin Powers Women's Golf Fr. 3.29 Sociology
Andrea Rangel Women's Golf Jr. 3.79 Economics
Gina Cardenas Women's Soccer Fr. 3.20 Political Science
Christina Chai Chang Women's Soccer Sr. 3.55 Psychology
Rachel Collins Women's Soccer Sr. 3.46 Elementary Education
Marissa Contreras Women's Soccer Fr. 3.80 Biology
Kailyn Deutrich Women's Soccer So. 3.44 English
Kaitlyn Durst Women's Soccer Sr. 3.00 Kinesiology
Ashley Eddleman Women's Soccer So. 3.58 Psychology
Nicole Epstein Women's Soccer Fr. 3.49 Accounting
Zoe Fishman Women's Soccer So. 3.18 Busines Administration
Candice Forbes Women's Soccer So. 3.27 Chemistry
Lauren Lover Women's Soccer Sr. 3.81 Biology
Kimberly Shaver Women's Soccer Fr. 3.20 Kinesiology
Jamie Simmons Women's Soccer So. 3.68 Nursing
Ashley Stokes Women's Soccer Jr. 3.41 Kinesiology
Alexis Thomas Women's Soccer Fr. 3.60 Family Studies
Chesney White Women's Soccer So. 3.70 Nursing
Tracy Wolf Women's Soccer So. 3.04 Art Education
Sidney Grkman Softball Fr. 3.98 Busines Administration
Hagan Kiser Softball Fr. 3.73 Kinesiology
Emily Lopez Softball Fr. 3.06 Sociology
Dominique Madruga Softball Jr. 3.25 Chemistry
Kendall McKinney Softball Fr. 3.25 Kinesiology
Lindsay Thomas Softball So. 3.44 Psychology
Nicole Thomas Softball So. 3.52 Kinesiology
Danielle Vega Softball So. 3.00 Busines Administration
Tory Wright Softball Fr. 3.61 Sociology
Masey DeMoss Women's Tennis Fr. 3.11 Sociology
Amy Ellis Women's Tennis So. 3.71 Chemistry
Stephanie Falcon Women's Tennis Jr. 3.47 Mathematics
Yasmin Franco Women's Tennis Fr. 3.48 Nursing
Asha Iyengar Women's Tennis So. 3.21 Mathematics
Devon Sutherland Women's Tennis Sr. 3.31 Pre-Nursing
Lauren Betlach Volleyball So. 3.63 Busines Administration
Morgan Freeman Volleyball Sr. 3.70 Media Studies
Victoria Harley Volleyball Jr. 3.02 Recreation and Parks Management
Sara Hohman Volleyball Fr. 3.24 Busines Administration
Olivia Humphries Volleyball Sr. 3.30 Human Development & Family Studies
Emily McMurtrey Volleyball Jr. 3.80 Kinesiology & Physical Therapy
Kellie Orewiler Volleyball Sr. 3.07 Busines Administration
Kelsey Sidney Volleyball Jr. 3.90 Elementary Education
Julia Westerbur Volleyball Jr. 3.00 Marketing