SAAC Charge

The UNCG’s Student Athlete Advisory Council’s (SAAC) purpose is to give student-athletes the opportunity to be an active voice within Intercollegiate Athletics and the University. This committee will also have a chance to give input on the conference and NCAA level. SAAC will be charged with exploring ways to improve the student-athlete experience through the following mediums:

·      Life Skills programming

·      NCAA Legislation

·      Community Involvement

·      Student Athlete Development/Enrichment

·      Academics

This committee consists of two student-athletes from each team and an “alternate” who will attend meetings if either of the team representatives is unable to attend. Head coaches shall appoint representatives at the beginning of the academic year. There are no class restrictions for appointed representatives, however the “alternate” should be a freshman or sophomore deemed worthy of a future role with SAAC.  SAAC representatives can be removed from the committee for the following reasons:

·      Not being in good academic standing with the university

·      2 unexcused absences

·      Violation of the UNCG Drug and Alcohol Intervention Program/Code of Conduct

·      Conduct deemed to be misrepresentative of ICA

·      Recommendation from coach or administrator (will require student-athlete input)

A member of the Spartan Academic Support Services Program and or Student Development in ICA shall serve as the liaison between the Athletic Department and SAAC. SAAC shall maintain an executive board that will consist of the following officers:

·      President

·      Vice President

·      Secretary (2)

The makeup of this executive board is subject to change. Elections for these positions will take place in the spring semester of each year.