Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The purpose of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council is to give student-athletes the opportunity to be an active voice within ICA and the University. This committee will also have a chance to give input on the conference and NCAA level. SAAC will be charged with exploring ways to improve the student-athlete experience through the following mediums:

- Student-Services Programming
- NCAA legislation
- Community involvement
- Student-Athlete Development/Enrichment
- Academics

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2017-18 SAAC Executive Board


Mackenzie Winslow

        Kayla Wetherell
Vice President
Co-Mental Health Representative
Cross Country/Track
        Logan Walker
Event Coordinator
Men's Tennis
Logan Blaser

Men's Tennis

      Alexis Overdiep
Community Service Initiatuve/Co-Mental
Health Represntative


2017-18 SAAC Members

Zach Kuchmaner Baseball    
Chad Sykes Baseball    
Jack Konstanzer Men's Basketball    
Lloyd Burgess Men's Basketball    
Ben Buben Men's Golf    
Mark Johnston Men's Golf    
Leeroy Maguraushe Men's Soccer    
Nicholas Downs Men's Soccer    
Alex Roy Men's Cross Country/Track    
Will Sandin Men's Cross Country/Track    
Keeton Glenn Men's Cross Country/Track    
Luke Sumerford Men's Cross Country/Track    
Marcus Vidgren Men's Tennis
Emily Acquaviva Softball    
Jordan Gontram Softball    
Kayleigh Willis Softball
Lauren Robeck Volleyball    
Mikaela Weidmann Volleyball    
Rebecca Rice Volleyball    
Natalia Asensio Women's Golf
Keri Kenkel Women's Golf
Emily Ory Women's Tennis
Blaine Boaz Women's Tennis    
Alice Taylor Women's Tennis    
Mangela Ngandjui Women's Basketball    
Aneka Yelverton Women's Basketball
Chloe Buehler Women's Soccer    
Caylin Prillaman Women's Soccer    
Alexis Rice Women's Cross Country/Track    
Ashlyn Dalton Women's Cross Country/Track    
Kayla Contreras Women's Cross Country/Track    
Taylor Delaney Women's Cross Country/Track
Kristin Rusboldt SASS    
Jennifer LePore SASS