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Coaches 2019-20 Season


Jay McCloy Assistant AD for Health and Sports Performance (Golf) (336) 904-3557 eMail Jay McCloy
Stephen Borchik Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Soccer, Men's Tennis) (336) 420-7892 eMail Stephen Borchik
Tyler Congrove Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Basketball, Women's Tennis) (336) 560-7686 eMail Tyler Congrove
Lauren Griffin Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball, Women's Cross Country/Track) (336) 663-2621 eMail Lauren Griffin
Christopher Proppe Assistant Athletic Trainer (Baseball, Men's Cross Country/Track) (336) 525-6150 eMail Christopher Proppe
Kylie Haduck Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Volleyball) (484) 788-5209 eMail Kylie Haduck
Elizabeth Lefever Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Softball) (336) 404-4857 eMail Elizabeth Lefever
Courtney Smith Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Soccer) (336) 420-7892 eMail Courtney Smith
Jennifer Farrell Sports Psychologist (336) 256-0374 eMail Jennifer Farrell
Tracy Owens Sports Nutritionist eMail Tracy Owens
Kristin Rusboldt Assistant AD for Spartan Academic Support Services (859) 582-4737 eMail Kristin Rusboldt
Jennifer LePore Director, Spartan Academic Support Services (502) 551-8699 eMail Jennifer LePore
Leah Congrove Coordinator, Spartan Academic Support Services (740) 412-3284 eMail Leah Congrove
Cole Henderson Coordinator, Spartan Academic Support Services (336) 447-0066 eMail Cole Henderson
Jay McCloy Assistant AD for Health and Sports Performance (336) 904-3557 eMail Jay McCloy
Danny Wheel Head Strength and Conditioning Coach eMail Danny Wheel
RJ Goubeaux Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach eMail RJ Goubeaux
Kelly Self Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach eMail Kelly Self
Trina Patterson Head Coach (336) 334-3754 eMail Trina Patterson
Cait Wetmore Associate Head Coach (336) 334-3754 eMail Cait Wetmore
Cetera DeGraffenreid Assistant Coach eMail Cetera DeGraffenreid
Ido Singer Assistant Coach (336) 580-0315 eMail Ido Singer
Ariel Caraway Director of Basketball Operations (337) 515-5130 eMail Ariel Caraway
Maya Solomon Graduate Manager
Wes Miller Head Coach
Mike Roberts Associate Head Coach (336) 334-3003 eMail Mike Roberts
Andre Gray Assistant Coach (336) 334-3003 eMail Andre Gray
Kyle Bankhead Assistant Coach (336) 334-3003 eMail Kyle Bankhead
Chris LePore Director of Basketball Operations (336) 334-3003 eMail Chris LePore
Tom Tankelewicz Video Coordinator (336) 334-3003 eMail Tom Tankelewicz
Janell Howland Head Coach (336) 708-9241 eMail Janell Howland
Brittany Whatley Assistant Coach eMail Brittany Whatley
Terrance Stewart Head Coach (336) 202-5337 eMail Terrance Stewart
Dirk Fennie Assistant Coach eMail Dirk Fennie
Alex Ehlert Volunteer Assistant Coach
Michael Coll Head Coach (336) 944-4907 eMail Michael Coll
Jeff Gross Associate Head Coach (240) 529-8332 eMail Jeff Gross
Stefani Workman Assistant Coach (240) 529-8332 eMail Stefani Workman
Stu Katz Volunteer Assistant Coach
EJ O'Keeffe Head Coach (336) 365-8216 eMail EJ O'Keeffe
Scott Wells Assistant Coach (805) 280-2494 eMail Scott Wells
Jaime Ibarra Assistant Coach (214) 475-7358 eMail Jaime Ibarra
Taylor Morton Volunteer Assistant Coach
Ale Guerra Head Coach (561) 654-3486 eMail Ale Guerra
Corey Carlin Head Coach (336) 334-5303 eMail Corey Carlin
James Goodridge Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator (336) 334-3001 eMail James Goodridge
Taylor Pritchett Assistant Coach (336) 334-3001 eMail Taylor Pritchett